EAC CounterFlow Cooling Tower Replacement Fill

Material: PVC
Size: W380*L
Sheet spacing: 18mm


EAC CounterFlow Cooling Tower Replacement Fill without Drift Eliminator

EAC Cooling Tower pvc fill Features

-100% Virgin PVC material

-Good elastic character

-Improved water distribution

-High thermal performance

EAC Cooling Tower fill Introduction

1、Cooling tower water pouring material is made of PVC plastic sheet, which sprays water filler has good thermal properties, the basic function of ventilation resistance is small, smooth and not easy blockage, can maintain the long-term stability of the cooling characteristics

2、Hardly any deformation under 65 degrees Celsius, not burst under minus 35 degrees Celsius.

3、Plastic water spray packing assembly good stiffness, carrying capacity is strong, under the condition of normal operation, use, not twisted, loose deformation, can maintain stable run efficiently
4、Water spray packing glass plastic uniform, no scattering undesirable materials, exterior colour and lustre is consistent, not attached on the surface of the oil

5、With good flame retardancy

EAC Cooling Tower fill Specification

Name Cooling Tower Fill for BAC cooling tower
Type Counter flow cooling tower fill
Material PVC, PP, UPVC
Size 2730*380mm,or customized
Thickness 0.35mm-0.45mm
Application Temperature -35℃- 75℃
Color Black, grey, etc
Packaging Detail EAC fill sheets are packed by wooden case
MOQ 500 pieces
Delivery period Within 15 days after receiving the deposit

EAC CounterFlow Cooling Tower Replacement Fill