Cleaning up the PVC cooling tower filler

Due to cooling tower is hypaethral all the year round, therefore, PVC cooling tower filler is also being used outdoor for a long time. Because the air fan has a strong adsorption capacity, which can adsorb plenty of sands and wastes into the cooling tower. When the sediment become more and more on the surface of filler, efficiency of heat exchanging of cooling tower will be decreased to a large extent. And this will weaken the heat radiating area and increasing energy consumption. In the meanwhile, these deposit sediment cover the heat exchange surface, which will affect the effect of heat transfer. Fillers stay in a high temperature, it’s very easy to make filler turns tired and discrease its service life. If you can clean it regularly, you do will receive a great surprise.

If too much dirt stay on the surface of the filler, it will cause malfunction to the water circulation. If the dirt appears to the water distribution system, it may cause maldistribution of the water. All these proiblems are easy to make the effect of refrigeration remain in a low level. If we can clean up the dirt timely, all the problem can be solved at once, what’s more, we can also make keep in sevise much longer.

Clean up the cooling tower filler, can help to improve the effect of heat dissipation effectively and to decrease energy consumption. Therefore, it is important for us to clean up cooling tower filler regularly