How To Replace The Cooling Tower Pvc Fills?

In order to guarantee normal cooling, cooling tower can be used for a long time, after aging phenomenon in a cooling tower Pvc fills, can cause local cooling tower fill fall off phenomenon, cause the efficiency of the cooling tower heat loss, into a vicious cycle. In this case, the packing will be very easy to break and collapse due to excessive tension, which will reduce the cooling capacity of the cooling tower and damage the heating equipment. Therefore, the cooling tower pvc fills must be replaced after a long period of use.

1. Before the cooling tower pvc fills of the cooling tower is replaced, the staff shall protect the other equipment nearby to prevent the damage of other equipment.
2. Before removing the old cooling tower pvc fills, be sure to turn off the motor power supply, otherwise the safety will not be guaranteed.
3. When pasting the cooling tower pvc fills, make sure that the cooling tower fill has enough space to solidify after pasting, and ensure that the contact points of the cooling tower fill can be uniform and tight when pasting.
4. When placed in a new cooling tower pvc fills, to clean up cooling tower in the dirt and garbage, and then put the cooling tower fill tower in turn, do not squash and abuses in the process of just into the pvc fills, and ensure that every filler neat, should be around the corner of the cooling tower and gap spacing to minimum.