Liangchi Cooling Tower Filler Material Requirement

Material requirements for the liangchi filling material of the cooling tower:

1. Liangchi cooling tower filler appearance and dimensions of the moulded sheet shall meet the relevant requirements in the technical conditions of the cooling tower plastic parts (DL/T 742-2001).
2. Liangchi cooling tower filler forming sheet must adopt point wave filler.
3, Liangchi cooling tower filler assembly block size: about every spell tower packing can be divided into two groups, each group composed of hierarchical assembly up and down two packing blocks, interlayer conducive to the flow of the stainless steel orifice plate to support,;
4.Liangchi cooling tower filler piece assembly forming high dimension length x width x data for 2400 * 850 * 1000 mm. The bidder shall provide the entire packing sheet that meets the requirements of size and shall not be spliced together. The main geometrical size of the chip is not greater than or minus 5%, the maximum error is not greater than 1.0mm, and the plane formed by the edges should be the same.