Plastic Pall rings Specification & Application

Plastic Pall rings is most efficient types of ring packing for large scale superior

characteristic derive from the slotted wall & the internal projecting tongues, which

gives the higher capacity or lower Pressure drop, also higher contact efficiency

arisingfrom the better disposition & better wetting of the surface migration of liquid

forward the vessel wall is also reduced The free gas space is much this same as for

plain ring.


Normal Size in inches Approx number per Ft3 Weight LBS/ft3 Weight/PCS Wall Thickness Contact Surface sq ft/ftyp3 Free Gas Space %
1 1440 5.2 2gms 1mm 63 91
520 5 6.5gms 1.6mm 44 90
2 175 4.5 12gms 2mm 32 91
3 45 2.5 37gms 2.25mm 20 93
50 3.4 60gms 2.75 mm



Plastic Pall Rings intalox saddles are a highly effective packing for use in most fume removal applications. A typical Scrubbing is shown here in schematic form. The polluted air or gas steam is drawn through a bed of wetted plastic intalox saddles which provides very large surface area contact promoting rapid absorption of pollutants into the liquid stream. Contaminant removal efficiency of 99% are possible at relatively low liquid flow rates. Size available 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3”, and 3.5” dia.