Square – Flow Type Cooling Tower Fill 1 Square Meter Of Weight

The square – flow cooling tower fill should firstly be used to see its material, and the recycled packing material is poor. The raw material may be used repeatedly, so the sheet material is thicker to mold the packing.
Most of the original square – flow cooling tower fill adopts the absorption molding, the sheet material is thinner, but the quality is better. Weight is related to material and film distance, generally between 20 and 40 kg per cubic range;

Square – Flow Cooling Tower Fill Advantages: energy saving, water pressure, low wind resistance, low speed motor, no dripping noise and air noise, packing and water distribution system maintenance.
Square – Flow Cooling Tower Fill Should Be Noted: that the frame should have more filling volume in 40% of the heat exchange. The packing is easy to age, the water hole is easy to clog, the ice is bad, and the moisture flow is large.