Technical Specification For S Wave Fill Of Cooling Tower

S Wave Filler is installed in the cooling tower, water and space have a good contact, with hot, qualitative change in the surface of the filling material, the packing sheet is apart from the big, unit volume, light weight, can prevent pollutants blocked. The water vapor contact area is large, the process is long, the transverse diffusion ability is strong, the water film distribution is more even. Light assembly and high loading strength.

The technical specification of S wave Fill, as long as the packing has certain requirements.
The heat exchange process of circulating water in the cooling tower is mainly carried out in the s-wave packing, and the quality of the packing directly affects the safety and economy of the long-term operation of the plant. In order to ensure the quality of PVC (PVC) plastic water packing and construction and installation, the provisions are made. The plate structure of the cooling tower packing must be tested by the relevant scientific research design unit, and it can be produced and used by the professional competent unit of the department for the appraisal or review. The cooling tower packing is made of polyvinyl chloride modified plastic sheet, which must meet the following production operation requirements:
(1) the geometric deformation under the condition of 65 ℃ will not occur.
(2) it is not broken or brittle when the minimum temperature is designed.
(3) under normal operation and operating conditions, the service life shall be no less than 20a.
(4) good flame retardant performance.