The Detection Of liangchi Cooling Tower Fill Way

Is there any acceptance criteria for the liangchi Cooling Tower Fill? Is the cooling effect of the packing related to the appearance of the fill? What is the acceptance standard for the good opportunity? If the bump is not obvious, is it not a qualified product?

The shape of the packing and the quality of the material directly determine the cooling effect of the cooling tower. Generally, the deeper the curve ripple, the better the cooling, which means that the longer the contact time between water and heat dissipation filler is better.
Appearance of liangchi Cooling Tower Fill:
1. The smaller the hole in the liangchi Cooling Tower Fillr piece, the better.
2. liangchi Cooling Tower Fill heat sink has good toughness.
3. liangchi Cooling Tower Fill hardness of the heat sink is better (forming the cooling block).