Used Pall Ring For Chemical Tower Phenomenon Channel Flow Of The Lightest

PP Pall ring, is developed on the basis of the raschig ring, it is in the raschig ring wall along the circumferential rushed a layer or two layers of rectangle holes, but the holes of the parent metal is not out of the circle, but bend inward toward the center of the ring, this structure enhanced ring the inner surface of the annular space and the effective utilization degree, thus greatly reduced the gas flow resistance, and is particularly applicable to the vacuum operation.

Two layers have staggered square hole on the pall ring, even when piled up in the adjacent packing line contact, don’t block the flow of gas liquid two phase, does not have serious deviation and channel flow phenomenon

Application for plastic pall ring packing:

The plastic pall ring filler especially suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, such as alkali, gas, environmental protection industry in the low temperature (60-150 degrees) distillation, absorption and washing tower and co2 degassing tower, tower of ozone exposure to reflect as contact other reaction tower packing, etc.