What Does Cooling Tower PVC Filler Need To Pay Attention To When Changing?

What needs to be noticed in the replacement of Cooling Tower PVC Filler?
Both in the replacement of Cooling Tower PVC Filler or S waves or industrial tower filler and so on is not type of fill, cooling tower pvc filler role is to provide full of gas and liquid two phase interface, and to improve the degree of turbulent (mainly the gas phase) create conditions to facilitate mass transfer (including heat transfer), so the requirement of pvc filler is also quite high.

Replace the pvc cooling tower filler with some precautions.
(1)Cooling tower pvc filler the waveform of single and single chip must be in an oblique crossform, so that it has good thermal resistance.
(2) The Cooling tower pvc filling assembly unit of the cuboid is the most suitable for matching with the square tower, and the circle of the circular cooling tower can be formed into a gap, which is filled with different quantity of single pvc filler according to the size of the gap;
(3) Once the Cooling tower pvc filler is blocked, it is not easy to clean. When the congestion is serious, it needs to be replaced as a whole, which will increase the cost.