What Is The Working Principle Of Drift Eliminator?

What Is The Working Principle Of Drift Eliminator?

The Drift Eliminator is a device for collecting flowing water in the closed cooling tower.Usually set in the top half of the cooling tower, under the fan.The cooling tower fan rotates rapidly and drive air flow, air water under the fan will move upward , after evaporation cooling tower, it is mixed in the air, after the water cleaner, water is attached it above the water cleaner, gradually accumulated, when the formation water gravity is greater than the adhesion, will fall, fall to pool or again for adhesion of evaporation in the cooling coil.

The water receiver can effectively reduce the flow rate of cooling tower water and play a role in saving water.The water collecting device is usually made of plastic material PVC. Supported by the nail screws at both ends, the laminated plastic or glass steel has been superimposed on the blade.The water collector is very efficient and does not reduce the flow of air in the cooling tower.The humidity and heat of the tower can block 75% to 90% of water when the water is collected, so that the floating rate can be reduced to less than 0.001%.The main components of the water receiver are: PVC plastic collecting water, bracket, pull rod, plastic nut, splashing device, etc.

We recently developed new type of drift eliminator in Chamber type(or tubular type), the height is 125mm. The panel could be customized according to clients’ request.

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