What Sediments Is On After Long Use Of Cooling Tower Fill?

The filling of the cooling tower will have more sediments after long use, and these sediments include lichen and algae that are easy to grow in damp and dark environments.
And if you use the earth with a lot of weather, the yellow sand soil will also be brought to the cooling tower fill, and some of the sediment in the circulating water.
These are the sediments of the general cooling tower fill.

Cooling tower fill cleaning method
1. Artificial cleaning of scum in the cooling tower fill;
2. Rinse the cooling tower fill with water gun repeatedly, and remove the sludge, etc.
3, with around 50 ℃ hot water dissolved the TNB safe efficient detergent flush repeatedly with flushing pump packing, after rinse clean until the scale (if packing service life is longer, cause aging and collapse, recommend replacing packing), at the same time to join the algae fungicidal, thoroughly destroy biological algae and bacteria;
4. Confirm that all parts of the system are cleaned and cleaned before discharge;
5. Flush the cooling tower fill with clean water and inside and outside the tower;
6. The recovery system is everywhere, rehydration can be used;
7. After all recovery, party a shall accept the acceptance of party a;
8. Evacuate party b’s goods and clean the on-site hygiene;
9. Construction period: according to the actual situation.