MC75 Counterflow Marley Cooling Tower Fill

Material: PVC
Sheet width:915/1220mm


MC75 Counterflow Marley Cooling Tower Fill


-High performance

-Hanging or bottom support design

-Variable air-travel sizes

-Cross-corrugated design

MC75 Counterflow Marley Cooling Tower Fill MC75 Counterflow Marley Cooling Tower Fill

Counterflow fill specifications:

Marley MC75 is a film fill system designed for counterflow towers offering you several distinct advantages.

Crossed corrugations provide the surface area and turbulence to develop efficient heat transfer. The corrugations inherently establish uniform fill sheet spacing at 0.75.

MC75 fill is thermoformed from 0.015thick, UV inhibited, chemically-resistant polyvinyl chloride(PVC). The flame spread rating is less than 25 per ASTM E-84 and is considered self-extinguishing. The material is extruded and manufactured to rigid specifications before forming.

Using Marley MC75 film fill in place of existing splash type fill in counterflow towers usually means reduced fill height, which translates into reduced pumping head. MC75 will also provide greater cooling tower capacity, which means your current performance level will require less fan energy.

The fill pack depth(air travel) is variable to provide the proper heat transfer area within a single fill layer. If another layer of fill is necessary for situations where additional air travel is required, it will be limited to only one. Limiting the number of interfaces between packs minimizes restrictions that usually cause fill clogging. MC75 counterflow fill can be hung from structural members or it can be bottom-supported in virtually all counter-flow cooling towers, regardless of a cooling tower’s age or manufacturer.