Crossflow Kuken Cooling Tower Fill

Sheet dimension: W730/750/950mm*L
Sheet spacing:20mm


Kuken Cooling Tower Fill

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Material: Thermal Formed PVC
Water temperature:-35℃~70℃
Application: square(cross flow) cooling tower
Sheet thickness: 0.25-0.45mm
Sheet gap: 19mm
Sheet width: 730mm 750mm 800mm 950mm 1000mm
Sheet length:customized

There are many forms and structures of cooling tower pvc fill,also called cooling tower film fill, each type has its own characteristics to fit various applications. Cooling tower fill is to put water surface area in contact with air as much as possible, for the longest amount of time possible. Pvc fills allow the water to form thin flowing sheets to expose as much water surface area as possible to the interacting flow.

This kind of cooling tower pvc fill for Square Cooling Tower Parts with the advanced technical, long lifetime, low resistance, light weight. During the service, the fill can increase the water flow process. It is widely used in Square cooling tower. Characters acid – proof alkali – resisting anti-corrosion for the organic solvent good performance of inflaming retarding Increasing cross-sectional area add water retention time.

Description of Kuken Cooling Tower Fill

Kuken cooling tower fill is made from PVC injection molding under high pressure,it has special structure form, not only certain stiffness, but some flexibility.

Due to good elasticity, the filler would chatter under the water-drop impact effect lead to some water drop rebound to above for water redistribution.

It has the advantages of direct replacement, performance enhancement, and water condition compatibility. Allow various heat loads, flow rates, water quality, and horse power combinations selections.

Specs of Kuken cooling tower pvc fill:

keken fill specs

Details of Kuken Cooling Tower Fill

Crossflow Kuken Cooling Tower Fills














Kuken PVC Fill Pack in Glued Module

Kuken cooling tower fill