Membrane Tubelar Air Diffuser

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Membrane Tube Air Diffuser

The lifting-type tubular air diffuser is a new type of oxygenation aerator and the core equipment of A/O process (activated sludge biochemistry technology). It can be applied to every position of the sewage pool. It is featured by easy and convenient installation and maintenance, even oxygenation and low energy consumption.

1, The rubber diaphragm pipe is made from imported ethylene-propylene diene copolymer (EPDM) and silicon rubber, which makes the diaphragm anti-aging, corrosion-resisting and long service life, as long as 5 to 8 years.

2, The aerating hole is evenly formed, leading to good expandability and instant closing. During aerating work, the fine bubbles (1 – 3 mm) can be generated and the oxygenation utilization can be as high 35 – 42%.

3, The gas vent is used to distribute the gas in a quick and even way. The aerating diaphragm stresses evenly, which can increase the service life of the rubber diaphragm pipe and the uniformity of released bubbles and improve the aerating effect.

Widely used in Municipal waste water treatment. Industrial waste water treatment. Clean water treatment. Sludge stabilization. Wastewater ozone diffusion. Aeration of fish ponds. Aeration of streams and lakes.