New Design Crossflow Cooling Tower Film FIll

Material: PVC


New Design Crossflow Cooling Tower Film FIll

SINTA has developed a new design for EAC cooling tower Infill, the new film fill is highly matched for EAC Cooling Tower; The new design is more reasonable, and the glue point between loose sheets when installing is deeper than the regular BAC film fill sheet, so the hanging fill blocks is more stable and solid.

Let’s take a look at this new cooling tower infill, showing as below:

The dimension and quality is the same with the original EAC film fill,width as 1330mm, and length can be customized, sheet thickness normally is 0.3mm,0.38mm. If you have any interest in our new pvc fills, welcome to join us!

Cross Flow Cooling Tower Film Fill-SINTAFRP (5)