PP Splash Grid Fills For Sewage Water Treatment

Material: PP


PP Splash Grid Fills For Sewage Water Treatment

Splash Grid fill is mainly used in large industrial cooling tower and cooling towers for sewage treatment. This type of Grid Infill made of PP plastic material, its an ideal replace infill for old type timber splash infill. Because its good performance in cooling tower which processing water include fiber, sands, oils and fats, splash grid infill are widely used in cooling tower for sewage treatment, textile mill, nitrogenous fertilizer plant, petrochemical industry etc.

Suitable for large and medium-sized counterflow tower of mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation cooling tower, especially the wastewater tower.

Specifications: 1300*500*50,650*500*50,810*810*30,650*650*30mm


  • Features:
  • PP Grid fill packing applies to more than 80 degrees high temperature cooling tower .Cooling water will get scattered easily high efficiently in the combination of this grid fill and film, especially in the condition of turbid circulating water,with advantages of a small gravity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, structure stability and smooth, installation easy. The attachment in the grif fill packing could be washed away regularly with high pressure water in the maintenance.
  • High performance with low resitance— The working principle of this grid fill is splashing theory.Under the effectively space,staggered packing fill layer splash the water into numerous small droplets,which would increase the touch area of water and air and heat exchange sufficiently,and also smoothly air space make the low resitance.PP SPLASH GRID FILLS FOR SEWAGE WATER TREATMENT

PP grid fill specs:

Sheet spacing:90mm

Height of sheet:30mm

Sheet size: 650mm×650mm

Hole size:50mmx50mm