Lamella Plate Clarifier PVC Tube Settler Media

Material: PVC/PP/FRP
Model: DIa25,35,50,80mm


Lamella Plate Clarifier PVC Tube Settler Media

Lamella Plate Clarifier tube settler

Tube settlers, also called lamella clarifiers.They are used to remove solids in the waste water treatment.
tube settlers are single plastic profiles combined to tubes. This design multiplies the sedimentation area up to 15 times per square meter surface area and helps to improve sedimentation in water and waste water treatment plants.Different executions support a better process and cost reduction of the plant.

Inclined lamella plates for clarifier Advantages:

1. Process efficiency
2. Flexible dimensions
3. Easy handling
4. Sophisticated support system
5. Strong and high quality material

Item name Tube Settler Lamella Plate Clarifier
Material PVC,PP,FRP
Unit pc(sheet)
Application For water treatment
Packing size 1000×1000×866mm
Sheet space φ25, φ30,φ35, φ50, φ60, φ80
Sheet thickness 0.3-0.65mm
Operating temperature 60 degree C-35 degreeC
Color Black,white
Craft Plastic extrusion mould and blister forming
Place of origin Hebei,China
MOQ 1000pcs
Packing details In bundle,wooden pallet or as your requests.
Supply ability 50000 pieces/month
Leadtime 5-7 days for sample,15-20 days for bulks.
Payment terms T/T

Tube Settler Applications:

1. Retrofit existing clarifiers and sedimentation basins with tube modules to increase settling capacity and increase throughput.
2. Provide replacement tube modules for existing installations.
3. Circular Clarifiers.
4. Parallel Plate Settlers.
5. Tube Settlers.
6. Horizontal and Vertical Clarifiers.

Why Tube Settlers ?

Tube settlers offer an inexpensive method of upgrading existing water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins to improve performance.

They can also reduce the tankage/footprint required in new installations or improve the performance of existing settling basins by reducing the solids loading on downstream filters.
Made of lightweight PVC, tube settlers can be easily supported with minimal structures that often incorporate the effluent trough supports.

They are available in a variety of module sizes and tube lengths to fit any tank geometry, with custom design and engineering offered by the manufacturer.

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