S Wave Counter Flow PVC Cooling Tower Fill

Sheet dimension: w500/640mm*L
Sheet thickness: 0.25-0.4mm


S Wave PVC Cooling Tower Fill

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S Wave PVC Cooling Tower Fill Specification
1. Size: Width 500mm, length 800-1400mm. Or can be customized.
2. Thickness: 0.2~0.4mm
3. Applicable Temperature: 65°C~-35°C
4. Color: Blue, black, green etc
5. Shaping mode: Compression molding
6. Cooling Tower type: Counter flow

What is a cooling tower? A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that utilizes the evaporative cooling process to transfer waste heat to the atmosphere. Waste heat enters the cooling tower as warm water and is pumped to the water distribution system above the cooling medium. The water is then dispersed down through the tower, while air is simultaneously drawn into the tower. The mixing of the air and water causes a small portion of the water to evaporate, removing heat from the water. This heat is transferred to the air, which is drawn out the top of the tower and expelled into the atmosphere. The resulting cold water then re-circulates back through the heat source in a continuous cycle.

Cooling Tower Fill is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower. It is the major parts to improve the efficiency of cooling tower and make sure the economy and safe operation.