XF Series cooling tower spray nozzle

Material: ABS
Model:XF series


New EAC XF Series Cooling Tower Water Nozzles

EAC offers two types of distribution systems for use on cooling towers, closed circuit fluid coolers and evaporative condensers to optimize performance: pressurized and gravity-feed. Both types of distribution systems use large orifice non-clogging nozzle to ensure effective wetting of the heat transfer surface.

Nozzle kit, EAC XF-3/EAC XF-4/EAC XF-5/EAC XF-6
EAC spray nozzles are designed for optimum coverage of either the fill or coil surface. Optimum coverage increases thermal efficiency while fully wetting the surface. This in turn prevents scale build-up that will lessen the unit capacity. There are several designs for pressurized and gravity-feed systems, each fully optimized for the application. Regardless of design, nozzles are easily removed, either to accommodate new flow rates or to replace broken nozzles. To facilitate cleaning or replacement; counterflow nozzles are installed using grommets which also allows the nozzles to be properly positioned. Kits are available, complete with insert grommets for pressurized systems or installation tools for gravity systems.

Water distribution

Target Nozzles should be inspected regularly for missing, broken and debris blocking the orifice opening. Blocked, missing or broken nozzles and/or orifices disrupt the balance of even water flow over the fill surface and shorts the towers cooling capability.

Always consider changing all of your nozzles when replacing your fill media. Many times end users have been sold new fill media to restore and/or increase a towers cooling capability and the nozzles have not been given equal attention at that critical point. Nozzles must be clean, unbroken and properly installed or you will never see the full benefit of your new fill replacement. Nozzles equally distributing water over the fill media is essential to tower performance and energy efficeincey.

X-FLOW Target Nozzles Application :

– Plating tanks
– Cleaning tanks
– Phosphating tanks
– E-coat tanks
– Fertilizer tanks
– Pulp tanks
– Sludge tanks
– Paint booths
– Anodizing tanks
– Cooling towers